Charging Document for Boston Bombing

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Questions that MUST be answered concerning the Boston suspects and the plot

In the excitement of the apprehension of “Suspect 2” in the Boston Marathon bombing, several critical issues have already begun to be forgotten.
First, is, of course, what of the Saudi National, Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi? Initial reports had him as a “Person of interest” usually a police euphemism for a suspect, that is used so that someone can be questioned without an arrest or a Miranda warning.

The authorities in Boston were concerned enough to effect a search warrant on his home.

Some reports claim that the search was conducted “by consent”, i.e. the authorities, whether federal, local or state, did not have to go in front of a judge and show probable cause.

Reports from Boston, including photos, show authorities removing several boxes of materials as well as computers.

Shortly thereafter, it was reported by Steve Emerson, and than seconded by various sources including yahoo news, The Blaze, and others, that Al-Harbi had had his visa revoked and was being deported on “National Security grounds”.

1)So, who is Al-Harbi? The family name is associated with a veritable who’s who of Al-Qaeda operatives.
2)Is he being deported? Congressional sources, at least half a dozen offices, confirm the original report that he was being deported or at least that the original deportation order did exist.

During the late night of Thursday, shortly after initial reports of the fatal shooting of MIT Police Officer Sean Collier the Boston Police Scanner clearly identified the two suspects pictured in the photographs and videos that the FBI had released just hours earlier.

However, the ID’s were of two entirely different individuals, than the brothers finally identified. Mike Mulugeta and Sunil Tripathi’s names were clearly sent out over the scanner and the twitterverse and web aggregaters were on fire. Pictures of Tripathi were everywhere as he is a Brown University student who mysteriously disappeared. This identification of the suspects went on until approximately 4 am on Friday morning.

At that time, Pete Williams of NBC reported that his sources said that the suspects were NOT the two previously identified but were two individuals who had been here “at least a year”, and had military backgrounds and training.

Shortly thereafter, the names of the brothers, Tsarnaev, was reported by Williams and then all sources.

3) How was the official police reports over the Boston Police radio so wrong?
4) Where did the reports of Military training and short term residence in the US come from?

Next, not surprisingly, the two were quickly located in Watertown and it’s environs. Many police officers encountered them and, of course, killed the older brother in the firefight shortly thereafter.

While not as important and curious as the above questions –
5) how did a wounded, bleeding 19 year old, escape from a huge police contingent who he had been in a gun battle with and even more,
6) how did he manage to evade THOUSANDS of police and FBI agents for the next 13 or so hours?

Next, it is well known that the Chechnyan conflict is another site of Al Qaeda rebels.
In fact, famously, three of the 9/11 attackers had traveled to Al Qaeda training sites specifically to prepare to fight in Chechnya against the Russians, only to be told by Bin Laden and his leadership, that they had other plans for them.

7) What is the relationship, if any, between Al Harbi and the Tsarnaev brothers?

Finally, only a fool could believe that the production of the sheer number of IED’s that these two were in possession of, including throwing home made grenades at the police during the car chase on Thursday night/Friday morning, went unnoticed by EVERYONE in their lives.

8) WHo, if any, was their recruiter, trainer?
9) Which family members were aware, as much of the family lived together in an apartment complex?
10) How is their father involved as the older brother traveled to visit him and seems to have become radicalized at that point (not that I necessarily believe that. clearly he had turned before that)

It was revealed today that the FBI had been contacted by a foreign government, presumably the Russions, asking to investigate the older brother.

11) How did THEY get information on someone who had been in the United States for several YEARS at that point – and enough information to make a formal request of the US Government to investigate him?
12) How could the FBI possibly have “cleared” him?


13) What happened to the three people reported by all sources to be “in custody” from U Mass Dartmouth on Friday night? and..
14) Are there others there?
15) Where and how did two supposedly broke immigrants, one a student, another with a wife who supported him, get the money to purchase a veritable arsenal of weapons to engage in two separate firefights with police?
16) Where did they get all of these weapons?

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To support “gay marriage” or not, that is the question.

Or is it? As with most issues on the current docket of the US popular scene, no one is asking the right questions OR dealing honestly with the issue.

It’s simple, marriage is, was and always has been a religious institution.

In 20th century US history, another Progressive idea, the “state” decided to take over marriage as a way of regulating commerce.

This is part of what led to increased divorce rates, but it also had specific benefits b/c of the financial interests that again, the Progressives had built into the “institution of marriage”.

So, for the last 120 years or so, marriage is TWO things. A religious ceremony/rite, and a civil contract – a binding financial document, no different than any other.

Religious questions are ones that NO government has the right to interfere with, so, it’s pretty simple, if your religious institution supports gay marriage, you can marry in your church/synagogue or whatever other house of worship you choose (in my case, as a conservative jew, The Jewish Theological Seminary has largely punted, leaving it up to the individual congregations, however they DO ordain gay rabbis; reform Judaism supports them, orthodox, not).

In the United States, Contracts have ALWAYS been state documents unless of course, it’s a contract with the federal government. Even contracts that cross state lines are considered to be written in the place of business, or are required to state which court will have jurisdiction.

The Federal court system only interferes as much as the contract may interfere with interstate commerce. But federal courts virtually NEVER get involved with personal contracts.

So, again, the only question is Does YOUR state support gay marriage?

Contracts have ALWAYS received reciprocity among the states so recognition should not be a problem, either.

Had the Federal government not grown so enormously in the last century, the issue of benefits for the federal employees who want to marry and are gay, would not be such a big issue.

However, the same rules apply.

The best example of this is that the difference in ages that states allow children/young adults to marry. Here in NY, the age of consent is considered to be 17. That varies state to state.

Some states require blood tests, others do not. Again. ALL of these issues are respected across state lines.

The same should apply here.

Simple, no mess, no federal issue.

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When is a trip to Israel, not a trip to Israel?

President Obama, 5 years into his Presidency is finally making his way to Israel, our leading ally in the region, if not the world.

After all this time, there are so many things to see, to do it seems reasonable to ask what his itinerary might include.

He will speak to the Israeli Knesset, the seat of Israel’s government and home to many newly elected MK’s? No.

Clearly, he will visit Technion, the Israeli Institute of technical education and research, responsible for so many of the world’s advances? No

He’ll visit Haifa, the Northern Israeli city, with 50% Arab and Jewish population a beacon of how democracy in Israel works, home to huge chemical industries and the target of most of the missile attacks during the Lebanon war? Oh, not he.

Of course then, he’ll surely visit the embattled city of Sderot in the South, recipient of more missile attacks than any other? No

Well then, Ashkelon, the beautiful beach resort and one of Israel’s major cities, the new target of Palestinian missiles? No.

Well, of course, you say, he will bask in the almost 3 millenium old site of the world’s oldest religion, the Western wall, the most important site in Judaism?

He’ll tour the new excavations down the length of the wall and see the incredible Roman cisterns, or even stand at the site that is considered closest to the “Mishkan” the Ark of the Covenant?

No and No.

Well, Ir David, then, the City of David, just down the hill from the Southern Wall of the Temple Mount, where massive new discoveries have confirmed much of the biblical accounts? Or even wade through Ezekiel’s tunnel, the irrigation tunnel leading out of the ancient city of Jerusalem, which ends in a biblical age inscription describing it?

No, and of course, no.

Well then, certainly, as a Christian, visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Old City, which had been turned into a goat manger by the Jordanians and has been lovingly restored first by the Israeli Antiquities Authority and later by Christian bodies? No

What of the newly excavated “mikvah” sites used by Biblical Jews next to the old marketplace where Jesus famously turned over the tables of the money changers, just up the road from the Western and Southern walls of the Temple Mount? No

Ok then, well he IS only going to be there for 48 hours, and in Jerusalem, so he will go to the site of the Last Supper, along the walls of the Old City, where ancient “graffiti” confirms Jewish Presence in the area? Negative!

Ah, you say, it’s not a tourist trip! Business, all business!! So he will visit the sites of Iron Dome outposts, since US Dollars (approved of course, before his Presidency) did so much to change the strategy of the last conflict with the residents of Gaza? No (although the Israelis WILL be shipping an Iron Dome Battery to Ben Gurion Airport so he can see one as he lands).

Well, I suppose it would be foolish to even mention going to say, Mitzpe Ramon, where the Jewish National Fund has started another new water project to “Green” the desert? Silly me, you say.

So, where, exactly is Obama going and what is he doing?

Well, his one speech will be in the Jerusalem Convention Center. Clear across town. And his one major site visit? The Church of the Nativity, under the control of the Palestinian Authority, in Bethlehem, where the Arab residents of Samaria have successfully made the city “Judenrein” and driven most Christian residents out and where the Church itself was taken over by terrorists just a few years ago.

Of, course, he will be visiting Yad Vashem, which serves to confirm his personal, and the Arab, narrative that Israel is a creation of the Holocaust, and not the natural result of thousands of years of Jewish History, or even a fulfillment of an early 20th Century promise by the British.

When is a visit to Israel not a visit to Israel? When you’re President Obama and EVERYTHING is about changing the narrative to suit your vision, never the truth.

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The law of (un)Intended Consequences

The nightmare has just begun.

Here is the current stack of new regulations for Obamacare 2 years BEFORE it takes effect. It stands at 20,000 pages as of last week.


The title is because, like all the programs of the Progressives, the purpose of the bill was NOT healthcare, but rather the continued centralization of power in one person’s hands, the President’s.

And who enforces these regulations? The IRS of course.

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Redefining “Egregious”

In an administration that defines itself by its violation of citizens rights and flaunting its disregard for the Constitution, perhaps the revelations of the past week my finally, at long last, get the attention of the mainstream media and the American public writ large.

First, Obama’s campaign, retitled OFA (Organizing for America – a laughable sobriquet if ever there was one) announced that large donors can now buy access to the President. That’s right, they are so arrogant in the knowledge that no press will call them out, they are not even trying to hide it. $500,000 buys you quarterly private meetings with Obama. Incredible.

Next, Bob Woodward, of Watergate and “Deep Throat” fame, the famed journalist for the Washington Post, has been openly discussing the fact that “sequester” was the President’s idea and policy, and NOT, as he now tries to sell it, that of Congress and the GOP. However, THAT is not the really dangerous thing.

Last night, on Wolf Blitzer’s program on CNN, Woodward said that he had received a DIRECT THREAT from the White House for doing so. He said that in an email to him from someone he described as a “high ranking” member of the administration, “very high”, he was told that if he did not cease his statements, he would be “very sorry”.

As I have been saying for 4+ years now, I am stunned every day by the criminality of this bunch. I guess if murdering American citizens is not enough to raise hackles, perhaps a threat to a respected member of the 4th Estate will finally get the press in an uproar.

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The American War On Israel Has Begun

An interesting thing happened on the way to the inaugural balls. War broke out in Israel. Can this really be a surprise to anyone? Can it possibly be a coincidence that just less than 2 weeks after Barack Obama’s reelection Hamas missiles for the first time hit Israel’s most populace city, Tel Aviv?

In the fog of all of the various scandals of the Obama administration, and his open disdain of and hostility to, the Jewish state, is forgotten the core of the Obama foreign policy team during his first election.

There was the infamous Robert Malley, who was forced to resign when it was revealed that he was in negotiations, while Obama was still a candidate no less, with Hamas.

There was Samantha Power, who sadly came back just a year or so later to be an official part of the administration, who has famously advocated sending American troops to Israel to protect….. Palestinians from Israelis!!!

Included here too is Lt. General Keith Drayton, responsible for training the Palestinian forces in advanced US security techniques and another Obamite who has expressed views similar to Powers’.

And of course, there is Susan Rice. Who as UN Ambassador was raised to a cabinet level position and who managed in just one turn, to undo years of pro Israel activity by the US at the UN. She put the US back into the Durban anti semitic/anti Israel hate fest. She put the US back on the UN Commission for Human Rights, that obscenely named body that exists for the sole purpose of demonizing Israel, when it is not ignoring all actual human rights abuses around the world.

And let us not forget the President. Conveniently forgotten in the litany of anti Israel policies and maneuvers that Obama has made over the last year (what, declaring Jerusalem, of all places, to be Judenrein, is not sufficient?) awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, I repeat Freedom, to Mary Robinson, the Irishwoman who is most famous for chairing that same Durban conference in which the idea that Zionism is racism, was fundamentally adopted.

Perhaps also forgotten was that this President’s first official act, memorialized forever in the Federal Register, was to rush 30 Million Dollars to Hamas during operation Cast Lead. Not to the Palestinian people, or even the equally bad Palestinian Authority, but specifically to Hamas which at the time was engaged in another armed conflict with Israel (which of course has never really ceased).

So, I’ll ask again, is it any surprise that missiles are landing in Tel Aviv?

Worse, new Egyptian President Morsi, put himself in harms way in Gaza during Israel’s attempts to eliminate the missile batteries making it impossible for Israel to do what is necessary as long as he or his foreign minister is there. You know Muhammed Morsi, the hand picked (well that might be going too far, but certainly the hand steered) successor to Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. He clearly enunciates a new Egyptian perspective, condemning not the continuous hundreds and thousands of missile attacks into now central Israel, but instead Israel’s defensive response.

Remember, it was this President who insisted that the tree from which the Hamas chestnut fell, the Muslim Brotherhood, was “moderate”.

That same brotherhood whom this President has pushed a new 1.2 BILLION dollar aid package.

Yes, the American war on Israel has begun.

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