What ‘s REALLY behind the (non) government shutdown

Some say it is the Affordable Care Act (which, despite Jimmy Kimmel’s man on the street interviews IS Obamacare, or more accurately, what was originally a housing act presented in the House, hijacked by Harry Reid to avoid the Constitutional limitation on revenue bills needing to originate from the House), but there is a larger picture here. Obama is the most ideologically driven Progressive since Woodrow Wilson. As a Political philosophy, Progressivism is in direct opposition to the American “Enlightenment” philosophy. i.e. the Natural rights of man, vs rights as determined by a convention of men.

As such, each action that Obama takes, as it fulfills NOT an issue driven agenda, but a philosophical agenda, further alienates the public.

It was this alienation – in particular the Progressive belief that ALL division, be it racial, ethnic, tribal, religious (in particular) and national are part of the historical past and have no place in the modern world, that has driven the birther movement.

But, it is this same alienation, i.e. the “Change” that he preached about so vehemently during his 2008 campaign, that has finally pushed a majority of the country to recognize that there is something happen that they can’t live with.

Resistance will not, as some believe, lessen. It may end on THIS particular issue, but you can expect this kind of resistance to build with each confrontation for the next 3 years.

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